Welcome to Premier ESL – your new home for learning English online! Our journey began in the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia, where two passionate ESL teachers, Gavin Lucas and Leon Travers, saw an opportunity to revolutionize the way English is learned.

Gavin, hailing from the verdant landscapes of Northern Ireland, brings with him a decade of English teaching experience and an esteemed Trinity CERT TESOL certification. His teaching style, infused with a profound understanding of the language and an infectious enthusiasm for teaching, has helped countless students transform their English skills.

Partnering with Gavin is Leon, a dedicated ESL educator from England. With 15 solid years of English teaching under his belt, Leon’s wealth of experience is invaluable. His approachable manner, combined with his expert knowledge, helps students overcome barriers and truly embrace the language.

Inspired by their shared mission to make English learning accessible to all, Gavin and Leon teamed up to create Premier ESL. Their vision was clear: to develop a platform that makes learning English at home not only easy and effective, but also fun and free!

At Premier ESL, we understand that every language learner’s journey is unique. Hence, we’ve made it our mission to cultivate a learning environment that is flexible, engaging, and supportive. We are driven by the belief that everyone, regardless of their background or level of proficiency, should have the opportunity to learn English online.

Drawing on their years of experience teaching English across diverse settings, Gavin and Leon have designed Premier ESL to be a hub where language learners can explore, learn, and grow at their own pace. Our resources are tailor-made to ensure every learner finds what they need to thrive, whether that’s brushing up on grammar, expanding vocabulary, improving pronunciation, or mastering the art of English conversation.

The heart and soul of Premier ESL is our two founders, who continue to pour their expertise and passion into creating an exceptional English learning experience for you. With Premier ESL, you’re not just joining an online language learning platform, you’re becoming part of a global community brought together by the love of learning English.

Thank you for choosing Premier ESL. Let’s embark on this English learning adventure together!